2 Marines Beaten by Crowd of Teens Near San Clemente Pier

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SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.—Investigators were continuing a search Tuesday for suspects in the weekend beating of at least two Marines by a large group of people, mostly teens, near the San Clemente Pier.

The melee began about 9:15 p.m. Friday near the pier at the end of Avenida del Mar, Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Mike Woodroof said.

The pair of Marines were treated at the scene for minor injuries to their hands, knees, abdomens, and heads, but they refused to go to a hospital, Woodroof said.

It was unclear how many people attacked the two men, but Woodroof said the number was likely somewhere between 10 and 30.

A minute-long video that has circulated online captured the brawl. In the video, the Marines are seen on the ground trying to shield themselves from the attack as their assailants punch and kick them.

One of the Marines told CBS2 that the crowd was setting off firecrackers and, when some debris hit him in the face, he asked the group to move on. One of the teens then took a swing at the back of the victim’s head, and the Marine turned around and charged at his attacker, which set off the crowd, he told the station.

The group then circled the two Marines and begin punching and kicking them, using racial slurs and expletives, he said.

A neighbor recorded the incident, the station reported.

The brawl appeared to come to an end after two individuals, a man and a woman, step in, telling the group to stop, the station reported.

Woodroof said the investigation was ongoing, and the attackers could face charges that include assault with a deadly weapon and/or assault and battery.

Anyone with information regarding the incident was asked to call San Clemente Police at 949-770-6011.

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