Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax: ‘There are no False Ideas or False Opinions’

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Constitutional legal expert Alan Dershowitz addressed the allegations that the Justice Department under President Joe Biden has spied on former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Dershowitz argued that if there is anything in Trump’s Twitter account that is not already public, the government must justify its actions, as they cannot simply rummage through someone’s First Amendment statements. He emphasized that this case is about Trump’s beliefs and statements, which are protected under the First Amendment, regardless of whether they are false. Dershowitz expressed distrust in Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, who is overseeing the case, due to her ties to a law firm with conflicts of interest and connections to Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings. He suggested that the case should be moved out of Washington, D.C., to ensure a fair trial for Trump. Dershowitz also noted that if Chutkan refuses to recuse herself from the case, there are possible avenues for appeal and challenge.

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