Alaska Mayor Expresses Concerns on Homelessness as “Desperate Measures” for Solution

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Anchorage, Alaska, Mayor Dave Bronson is proposing a controversial measure to give homeless individuals in the city one-way tickets to warmer climates before winter arrives. Bronson cites the lack of functioning shelter systems and the risk of exposure-related deaths as the driving force behind this decision. Last year, a record eight people died of exposure in Anchorage. The closure of a large arena that had been serving as a makeshift shelter further compounds the crisis, as temperatures in the region can regularly dip below zero. Bronson emphasizes that he is not forcing anyone to leave but wants to support individuals who choose to relocate to warmer climates or areas where they have relatives. The mayor’s announcement comes amid political tensions over the homelessness crisis between Bronson, a Republican, and the liberal-leaning Anchorage Assembly. While there are smaller shelters available in the city, there is a lack of a large care facility, contributing to the limited homeless services in Anchorage.

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