Arizona House Approves the Secure the Border Act

Voters in Arizona will have the opportunity to vote on a controversial law aimed at protecting the border in November.

HCR 2060, known as the “Secure the Border Act,” was approved by the Republican-controlled Arizona House of Representatives with a vote of 31-29 along party lines. This bill will be included on the ballot for the November elections. It grants local law enforcement agencies the authority to arrest individuals suspected of illegal border crossings, provided they have probable cause for the arrest.

Prior to passing in the Arizona House, the bill had received approval from the Arizona Senate with a 16-13 vote.

Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma stated that the bill was a response to President Joe Biden and Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs advocating for an open border policy in Arizona.

It’s unsafe, it’s unsecure, it’s un-American, and it’s indefensible,” Toma expressed. “Nothing good comes from open borders. Only crime, deadly drugs, violence, unsafe communities, and an unending financial drain on American taxpayers.”

Governor Hobbs had previously vetoed similar legislation in March and has argued that HCR 2060 would not enhance the safety of Arizonans.

“HCR 2060 will negatively impact Arizona businesses, lead to job losses, hinder law enforcement efforts, and strain the state’s budget,” Hobbs contended. “It will not effectively secure our border.”

Hobbs urged Congress to pass legislation that would effectively secure the border.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona strongly criticized the bill, labeling it as a “dark day for many in Arizona.”

“HCR 2060 presents risks of racial profiling, harassment, and the arrest of long-time Arizona residents,” stated Noah Schramm, a border policy strategist for the ACLU of Arizona. “It would allocate significant state resources to immigration enforcement, a matter that falls under federal jurisdiction, in ways that are ineffective, inhumane, and unconstitutional.”

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