Attorney Will Scharf Discusses Legal Battles Against Trump on Newsmax

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Attorney Will Scharf, who was part of the legal team that successfully argued on behalf of Donald Trump before the Supreme Court in his 14th Amendment appeal, shared with Newsmax on Monday that Americans from all “political stripes” are offended by the numerous trials against Trump.

Appearing on “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” Scharf suggested that Trump’s strength grows as the legal battles expand because Americans can see through the coordinated efforts and are pushing back against them.

“I believe all of these cases must be viewed together as part of a deliberate attempt at election interference supported by the Biden administration, their allies in different states, and left-wing nonprofit organizations,” Scharf told Schmitt.

“Today was a significant victory, in my opinion, for American democracy and the right of the American people to choose the presidential candidate they prefer,” Scharf commented on the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling that states cannot exclude candidates from national election ballots.

Scharf had predicted this outcome, telling Newsmax early last month that he believed they would win convincingly.

Scharf, a former federal prosecutor and candidate for attorney general in Missouri, pointed out that the tactics of the left are evident. They are throwing everything at Trump, hoping something will stick, but they have underestimated the response of everyday Americans.

“I believe that at the end of the day, Americans see through these efforts. They understand what the left is doing to President Trump,” Scharf stated. “And to Americans of all political beliefs, it is deeply offensive. This is not how a nation governed by the rule of law should behave in a presidential election. It resembles tactics of a banana republic.”

“I think the American people are rightly rejecting that. That’s why every time they attack President Trump, his support only grows stronger. May it continue until November 2024,” he added.


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