Bernie Kerik Alleges Laken Riley’s Blood Is on the Hands of Biden and New York Leaders, Newsmax Reports

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ proposal to modify the city’s sanctuary law and hand over immigrants who have committed violent crimes to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation is deemed “too little, too late” by former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik. This comes at a time when there is a surge in crime happening, as mentioned on Newsmax on Tuesday.

“This is a situation that should have been addressed sooner,” Kerik stated on “Newsline,” discussing the rise in violent crimes, including the tragic murder of nursing student Laken Riley at the University of Georgia. “The responsibility lies with the president of the United States, Eric Adams, [and] the governor of the state of New York.”

An immigrant from Venezuela named Jose Ibarra has been charged with assault and murder in Riley’s case. Reports indicate that he was arrested by the New York police on March 31 for various charges, but was released before ICE could intervene, as per the agency.

New York officials have stated that they do not have a record of his arrest.

“These incidents will persist, whether in Georgia, New York City, or other parts of the country,” Kerik remarked. “Similar situations are unfolding, and it is extremely concerning.”

Instead of focusing on apprehending criminals and ensuring public safety, officials are preoccupied with politically motivated cases such as those against former President Donald Trump, as per Kerik.

“I am closely following the Fani Willis debacle in Georgia,” he mentioned. “This individual is engaging in criminal activities. She should never have been a prosecutor in the first place.”

“Rather than pursuing actual criminals, they are indulging in political persecutions for the Democratic Party, and this trend is only going to worsen,” Kerik added.

Biden’s forthcoming visit to the border was described as a mere spectacle by Kerik.

“He is indifferent to the border issue,” he remarked. “If he truly cared, the border would have been secured, but it has been neglected since he took office. He, along with [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas, [Vice President] Kamala Harris, are responsible for the influx of individuals causing chaos in various communities.”

The rise in crime and the lack of concern shown by both local and federal governments have also caused a decline in police recruitment, according to Kerik.

“No law enforcement officer wants to work for an administration that fails to support them during times of need,” Kerik mentioned. “No one wants to serve in such an administration.”

Consequently, “Crime rates are escalating, shootings, and murders are on the rise, and eventually, these cities will collapse, as we are witnessing now,” Kerik stated.


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