Best-Behaved Best Friends

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Dogs are indeed our best friends, so they want to come along when we go to the mall, the grocery store, or to work. As long as they—and we—adhere to basic manners, they’ll generate lots of smiles and make new friends.

Strolling Spaniels

In many areas, it has become common to see dogs in retail stores, shopping malls, and even grocery stores. Most shoppers don’t get upset at the sight of small dogs in a pet stroller, but not everyone is happy to see them in a shopping cart or have a big dog such as a German shepherd in the store. It’s important that your pup stays right beside you and doesn’t bark at shoppers or any other dogs you may encounter.

Working Woofers

If your workplace is pet-friendly and your pup is well-behaved around strangers, consider bringing it along. If you have an office, use a dog gate to keep Fido from wandering into meetings, getting rambunctious with the other dogs, or upsetting co-workers who may not be comfortable around dogs. Your co-workers aren’t pet sitters, so walking it is your job, as is cleaning up any “accidents.” Keep him or her comfortable by bringing a bed, a water bowl, toys, and snacks.

Dining With Dachshunds

Some restaurants allow pets in outdoor dining sections, or in the restaurant itself if they’re service dogs. To make sure you and the other diners have an enjoyable meal, keep your dog sitting or lying down quietly at your feet, out of sight as much as possible. Resist the urge to sneak snacks to that happy snout, as that could cause the pup to become overexcited and upset other diners.

Visiting Friends

If your friends like your dog as much as they like you, keep it that way by making sure your pup stays off their furniture, doesn’t steal their dog’s toys or food, doesn’t beg for your food, doesn’t dig holes in their garden, and lets you know when it needs to be taken outside for a walk. If your friends have kids that want to play with your pup, keep an eye out to make sure everybody plays nicely and gently.

Wonderful Walkies

Most dogs love meeting new people and other dogs while out for a walk around the neighborhood, but stay on the sidewalk and use a leash and harness to keep yours safe from passing cars and bicycles. After dark, carry a flashlight to make it easy for cars, bicycle riders, and other walkers to see you. If your dog is easily excited, keep it close to you to avoid scaring passersby or lunging at other dogs it wants to meet.

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