Celebrity-Laden Super Bowl Ads Steer Clear of Politics

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The Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious over the San Francisco 49ers in this year’s Super Bowl. Alongside the game, big-name advertisers vied for viewers’ attention with celebrity-filled, glitzy messages.

Beyoncé made waves in a Verizon ad, followed by a viral music drop. Lionel Messi showcased his loyalty to Michelob Ultra, and T-Mobile, e.l.f. cosmetics, Uber Eats, and more brought together cast members from shows like “Suits” and “Friends” for mini TV show reunions. Despite it being an election year, little in that regard was seen during Sunday’s game.

Airing a Super Bowl commercial comes with a hefty price tag, so brands invest in star power and special effects to create ads that will resonate with over 100 million viewers. Northwestern University marketing professor Tim Calkins noted that advertisers are doing everything they can to stand out.

The commercials in Super Bowl LVIII were largely light-hearted and nostalgic, with brands using humor and cameos from celebrities to give the game breaks a whimsical energy. However, some ads also featured serious moments. An overview of the ad content is as follows:

– Kris Jenner appeared in an ad for Oreo, and the identity behind Pringles’ iconic mustache was revealed to be Chris Pratt. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and many others made cameo appearances in a variety of commercials.

– Numerous sitcoms had reunion moments during the game, with appearances from stars alongside various inside jokes and pop culture references. However, overdoing celeb cameos can take away from the ad’s impact, according to experts.

– The commercials also included appearances from furry friends, with familiar characters returning for their slots. Some ads from the past also made a return, representing a sense of nostalgia.

– Notable ads included Google’s spot, which followed a blind man as he used “Guided Frame.” Additionally, Dove’s ad focused on the impact of low body-confidence on girls’ participation in sports.

– Themed ads from the 1980s made a comeback, including the use of the “Flashdance” theme song in T-Mobile and Nerds’ spots.

Overall, Google’s ad was among the favorites for its perfect balance of emotion and product benefit, while Dove’s ad delivered a powerful message in line with their past campaigns dedicated to body positivity.

Several other ads took more serious tones, addressing social issues, and returning themes from the past were also prevalent.

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