Concerns Arising Among Donors Over Biden’s Notecards

Concerns about President Joe Biden’s age have been raised due to his use of notecards during closed-door fundraisers and calls with prescreened donors, according to a recent report. 

Biden’s advisers claim that the 81-year-old president uses notecards for detailed and technical questions while also engaging in spontaneous Q&A sessions, as reported by Axios.

The use of notecards during staged sessions has led some donors to question if he can handle the pressures of a prolonged presidential campaign or potential debates with former President Donald Trump, who is four years younger at 77. 

While past presidents, including Trump, have used teleprompters or notes during public events, donors have noticed that Biden also uses notecards when speaking privately with donors.

The Biden campaign has dismissed these concerns, focusing on important news for the American people related to the 2024 election. 

“Three IVF clinics in Alabama have suspended operations due to the fear of prosecution by the state — all resulting from the actions of Donald Trump,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz, referring to an Alabama court ruling that considers frozen embryos as children. 

According to Axios, Biden uses notecards to ensure the success of his fundraisers as his schedule has given his campaign and the Democratic National Committee a significant financial advantage leading up to the November election. 

With 36 years in the Senate and eight years as vice president, Biden typically expects to be well-prepped for his meetings. 

Although some donors say he remains an extemporaneous speaker. 

“He’s always been an extemporaneous speaker, and he spoke off the cuff. Not scripted at all,” said donor Fred Hochberg, who attended a Manhattan fundraiser earlier this month. “I asked him about immigration and the border, and he talked about what’s going on.”

However, questions about the notecards come after a critical report from Robert Hur, the special counsel in Biden’s document investigation, describing him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Furthermore, a recent Quinnipiac University poll indicated that two-thirds of voters believe Biden is too old to serve as president, with 41% expressing the same concern about Trump’s age.

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