Congresswoman Nancy Mace Suggests to Newsmax: Evidence from Archer May Indicate Joe Biden’s Presence

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Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, is set to testify before the House Oversight Committee to determine if there is evidence of President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s alleged foreign influence peddling activities. Republican Representative Nancy Mace stated that Archer may have witnessed Joe Biden’s presence in the room during these deals and bribery schemes. Mace hopes that Archer will provide truthful testimony regarding Joe Biden’s involvement. Mace also claimed to have seen bank records and suspicious activity reports suggesting that Hunter Biden received money from Communist China, contradicting Joe Biden’s denial during the 2020 presidential debate. The House Oversight Committee is conducting its own investigation to support whistleblowers from the FBI and IRS who have faced obstacles from the Biden Justice Department. Mace believes that the inquiry will allow them to obtain evidence and testimony under oath. She criticized the DOJ, FBI, and IRS for not adequately investigating these matters and for hindering previous investigations. The article concludes by highlighting Newsmax as the fastest-growing cable news channel in America.

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