Conservatives Craft Comprehensive 1,000-Page Proposal to Transform Deep State in Alignment with Trump’s Vision

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Conservative organizations, led by the Heritage Foundation, are preparing for a possible second term for Donald Trump in the 2024 election. They are recruiting thousands of Americans to come to Washington with the goal of dismantling the federal government and replacing it with a vision aligned with Trump’s. The effort, called Project 2025, aims to establish a government-in-waiting that can reshape and remove what conservatives call the “deep state” bureaucracy. They plan to accomplish this by firing federal employees they believe obstruct Trump’s agenda and replacing them with like-minded officials. The project also proposes reinstating Trump-era executive orders, such as Schedule F, which would make it easier to remove federal employees. The ideas in the project’s handbook include an overhaul of the Department of Justice, curbing its independence and ending FBI efforts against misinformation. It also calls for prosecuting those providing or distributing abortion pills by mail and abolishing recent diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Pentagon. The project envisions a stronger executive power and diminished congressional roles. The Heritage coalition is actively recruiting people at events like the Iowa State Fair to fill federal jobs and build a database of potential employees.

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