Conservatives Draft Extensive 1,000-Page Strategy to Dismantle Deep State and Promote Trump’s Vision

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Conservative organizations in the United States are preparing for a potential second term for former President Donald Trump by recruiting Americans to help dismantle and reshape the federal government. Led by the Heritage Foundation and backed by former Trump administration officials, this effort aims to establish a government-in-waiting to carry out Trump’s agenda or support any candidate aligned with their ideals. The initiative, known as “Project 2025,” involves a nearly 1,000-page handbook and an “army” of supporters who would work to replace federal employees and officials deemed to be obstructing conservative policies. The conservative plan also includes proposals to curtail the Department of Justice’s independence, prosecute those distributing abortion pills by mail, and reverse diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Pentagon. The goal is to avoid the challenges faced by the Trump administration in its first term and provide personnel to advance Trump’s agenda if he wins a second term. Critics argue that the initiative threatens to undermine the civil service and increase political bias in government.

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