Cygnal Poll: Black Voters Turning Away from Biden and Democrats

President Joe Biden and Democrats are seeing a decline in support from Black voters, as per a recent poll conducted in 39 battleground congressional districts.

A survey carried out in 20 states by Cygnal indicates that Black voters are feeling frustrated that Democrats are catering to leftists instead of addressing their concerns.

“Democrats are facing challenges with Black voters, as the number of those who believe that the Democrat Party is more extreme than the Republican Party has risen by 20% since March,” stated Cygnal Vice President of Polling Brock McCleary in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

“Biden is also dealing with difficulties, as over a third of Black voters have an unfavorable view of the president, mainly due to concerns regarding the cost of living rather than issues like climate change and election integrity that his administration has been emphasizing.”

Inflation, the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Title IX, and the situation at the southern border are among the issues affecting Biden, according to the Cygnal survey.

“It’s concerning that a third of Democrats described their view of the pro-Palestinian protests as ‘justified,’ while less than half of that number found them offensive,” McCleary noted. “However, the majority of Democrats oppose the protests and support the police in clearing out the encampments.”

“Biden continues to risk alienating voters, particularly important demographics like parents. His advocacy for new Title IX rules is a recent example. More than 60% of parents are against the requirement for universities to grant biological males who identify as female the same rights and protections as biological females.”

A Zogby poll released last week revealed that one in three young Black and Hispanic voters claimed to have gone without food for at least one day in the previous month under Bidenomics. The poll showed that 34% of Black voters aged 18-24 faced food insecurity in the past month, making them nearly five times more likely than voters aged 55-69 to experience hunger.

Former President Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential nominee, is benefiting from dissatisfaction among Black voters and women towards Biden.

“Trump’s approval has risen by 5% among key voter groups like college-educated women, married women, and Black voters,” McCleary mentioned.

Trump is also benefitting from voters remembering his first term in office.

“There is a growing sense of nostalgia for Trump’s first term. Battleground voters now view Trump’s first term in a positive light while maintaining disapproval of Biden’s performance,” said McCleary.

According to Cygnal poll results, Trump is slightly ahead of Biden with a 47% to 45% lead in a head-to-head match-up. Additionally, Trump’s approval rating among likely voters has increased to 48% compared to Biden’s 37%.

Recent poll results from The New York Times, Siena College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer showed Trump leading Biden in five critical battleground states crucial for this year’s presidential race: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

The Cygnal survey included 1,500 likely general election voters.

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