DA Bragg to testify before Congress

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has agreed to testify before a Republican-controlled congressional subcommittee, but it will likely happen after former President Donald Trump is sentenced in July.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan sent a letter to Bragg in late May, accusing him of conducting a “political prosecution” after Trump’s conviction in his hush money trial, and requesting his testimony at a hearing on June 13.

In response, Leslie Dubeck, the general counsel for the Manhattan district attorney’s office, stated that they are “committed to voluntary cooperation” and are willing to make Bragg available for testimony on an agreed-upon date. However, the proposed date presented conflicts with their schedule.

The letter mentioned that the Trump prosecution is ongoing, with sentencing scheduled for July 11. Due to the ongoing legal process and the need to protect the fair administration of justice, participating in a public hearing at this time could be detrimental.

Bragg’s office requested to discuss an alternative date for testimony and gather more information about the purpose of the proposed hearing.

The committee also requested testimony from lead prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, which Bragg’s office didn’t rule out but expressed concerns about allowing public testimony on an active prosecution.

Jordan has advocated for withholding federal funding from entities involved in prosecuting former presidents and has criticized the “weaponization of the federal government.”

The committee previously obtained a deposition from former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz, despite initial objections from Bragg. However, the deposition yielded limited information as Pomerantz declined to answer many questions to avoid potential legal implications.

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