Dem Rep. Tlaib Proudly Refuses to Support Biden in Michigan Primary

Representative Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan and the only member of Congress of Palestinian heritage, expressed her pride in not voting for President Joe Biden in Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary.

Tlaib’s decision to withhold her vote reflects the concerns of Arab Americans who feel let down by Biden’s support for Israel in its conflict against Iranian-backed Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. This conflict resulted in the deaths of more than 1,200 Israeli citizens and the hostage-taking of about 250 others, including women and infants, on October 7.

Biden has not explicitly called for a cease-fire and has been working to negotiate a temporary pause in the fighting with Israel to secure the return of the remaining hostages, some of whom are believed to be Americans. He mentioned on Monday that a deal could potentially be reached by March 4.

“I was proud today to walk in and pull a Democratic ballot and vote uncommitted,” Tlaib stated in a video posted on X. “We must protect our democracy. We must ensure that our government represents us, the people.”

The Abandon Biden Coalition is a nationwide movement urging pro-Palestinian Americans to refrain from voting for Biden in primaries in critical states like Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida. Biden won all of these states except for Florida in 2020.

“When 74% of Democrats in Michigan support a cease-fire, yet President Biden is not listening to us, this is how we can utilize our democracy to send a message. Listen to Michigan,” Tlaib emphasized. “Listen to the families currently directly impacted. But also, listen to the majority of Americans who are saying, enough. No more wars. No more using our dollars to fund genocide. No more.”

“Please, involve your family members. Utilize our democratic process to voice your fundamental values, where you envision our country heading.”

In November, House Republicans and Democrats united in censuring Tlaib for espousing antisemitic rhetoric surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, including her use of the phrase “from the river to the sea,” which historically signifies the annihilation of the Jewish state. She has also failed to condemn Hamas for their atrocities, such as the rape of women and murder of children during their terrorist activities.

It remains uncertain whether Tlaib’s decision to oppose Biden will extend to the November election. Michigan will be a crucial state in Biden’s bid for reelection, as he won it by 154,188 votes against Donald Trump in 2020. Dearborn reportedly holds the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the nation, and Michigan boasts the highest number of Americans with Middle Eastern heritage.

Newsmax has reached out to Tlaib for a statement.

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