Democrat Representative Himes Urges Inquiry: “Let’s Uncover the Truth”

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Congressman Jim Himes, a Democrat from Connecticut, has broken from his party’s support of President Joe Biden and says he welcomes an impeachment inquiry. Himes believes that the facts will ultimately exonerate Biden and that there is currently no evidence of any wrongdoing. He also stated that he believes Hunter Biden, the president’s son, committed crimes and should be held accountable. Himes acknowledged that if Biden did know about his son’s actions, it would be a different conversation. Himes expressed confidence in letting the truth come out, as he believes that every conspiracy theory surrounding Biden has been debunked by the facts. He criticized Republican members of Congress for not being as open to investigations during the Trump administration. Himes also accused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of calling for an impeachment inquiry to appease the most extreme elements of the Republican party. Overall, Himes is advocating for the truth to be revealed and is open to holding the president accountable if necessary.

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