Democratic Hopefuls Look to Trump Victory in New Hampshire

Some Democrats are joining MAGA Republicans and hoping for a dominant victory by former President Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

According to internal polling from the campaign of President Joe Biden, a victory by Trump and subsequent Nikki Haley dropout would energize Democrats in a way that Biden’s candidacy alone has failed to do, Axios reported.

The perceived enthusiasm gap correlates with a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll that found that 44% of GOP primary voters were “very enthusiastic” about Donald Trump, as opposed to only 18% of Democrat primary voters with similar feelings about Biden.

The Biden campaign has lost footing in a number of key demographics, with support among Black people plunging from 87% to 63%, according to another USA Today / Suffolk University poll. But this dwindling support doesn’t necessarily benefit Trump, as 20% of Black and Hispanic voters say they will support someone other than Trump or Biden.

While some in the Democrat camp might assume a drawn-out Republican primary between Trump and Haley will drain campaign resources, the latest consensus is that the sooner Trump can be the confirmed face of opposition, the sooner the Biden campaign can focus its resources.

A Trump victory in New Hampshire could also help mitigate any Biden fatigue Democrat voters may be feeling as 63% of the president’s supporters were found to be more anti-Trump than they were pro-Biden, according to an NBC poll taken in November.

Both parties may get their wish as the final Suffolk University/Boston Globe/NBC-10 tracking poll had Trump holding strong with close to 60% support while Nikki Haley, despite the departure of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, was at just under 38%.

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