Democrats Also Criticize Fani Willis’ Impropriety

The news that Fani Willis reportedly had a close personal relationship with the special prosecutor she hired for her case against former President Donald Trump has even Democrats lamenting the impropriety, bad optics, and presentation of political bias.

“I’d tell her to get out of the case,” former U.S. Attorney in Georgia Michael Moore, a Democrat, told CNN. “I really think in this type of case with these allegations, this case is bigger than any one prosecutor.

“And I think probably to preserve the case to show what’s most important to her is the facts of the Trump case as opposed to her political career, if you will, at this moment.”

In addition to the allegations Fulton County District Attorney Willis is Nathan Wade’s girl friend, it is alleged Willis’ office paid Wade more than $650,000 with tax payer dollars to be outside counsel to prosecute Trump and Wade has allegedly paid to take Willis on lavish vacations.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, sent a letter to Wade, demanding documents and information about the coordination of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office (FCDAO) with other politically motivated investigations and the potential misuse of federal funds.

While Democrat former DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James is willing to overlook the allegations of impropriety being raised, he still says Willis was wrong to hire Wade, pay him a fortune in her career-making Trump case, have a personal relationship, and then benefit directly from the money she paid him by taking vacations with him.

“If I had a personal relationship, I probably would have not done it – not because there’s anything inappropriate about it, only because people will take it, twist it and make it look like there’s something inappropriate going on,” James told CNN.

“It’s, just politically, is not something that I think is wise.”

Even CNN’s reporting acknowledged the hiring of Wade as an outside prosecutor was precarious from the start, with Georgia lawyers wondering, “Why him?”

They have apparently found out, allegedly, to deleterious results.

Willis has the largest D.A. staff in Georgia, including salaries lawyers with far more experience prosecuting felonies than Wade, who had mostly dealt with misdemeanors, according to CNN.

The allegations against Willis’ relationship with Wade are furthered by her being subpoenaed in Wade’s recent divorce proceedings, lending credence to impropriety alleged in a filing by Michael Roman, a fellow Trump case defendant of Willis and Wade.

Also, as House Republicans are investigating, Wade has allegedly invoiced meetings with President Joe Biden’s White House, a fact Trump is saying furthers his long-held allegation the indictments against him are coming in coordination, if not collusion and conspiracy, with Biden administration officials, up to and including the president.

Wade’s income trumps that of prosecutors in D.A. Willis’ office, according to Roman’s filing.

“Prosecutors must be held to the highest standard, because unlike us poor defense lawyers, they get to take away people’s liberty,” criminal defense attorney Scott Grubman, who struck Ken Chesebro’s plea deal with Willis’ prosecutors last year, told CNN.

As Trump has said repeatedly in campaign rallies and on social media, lawyers told CNN they agree Willis’ case is now compromised.

“Now, you’ve made it that much harder at having a chance at securing any sort of conviction,” a lawyer who is a friend of Wade’s told CNN. “It’s disappointing.”

But, despite all the allegations of impropriety, conflicts of interest, and potential conspiracy with the Biden White House, Wade’s “utter lack of experience” and being paid a king’s ransom to take on perhaps the most prominent RICO case in American history against a former president is a major red flag, according to defense attorney Manny Arora.

“The bigger concern [than the alleged affair and financial payments] is hiring an attorney to handle the biggest RICO case, possibly in the history of U.S. jurisprudence, when that counsel has never handled a RICO case before,” Arora told CNN.

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