Dershowitz Expresses Shock Inside the Courtroom

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz believes that the lack of televised coverage of former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial is preventing the public from witnessing a judge acting as a “tyrant” and failing to provide a “check on partisan reporting.”

This week, Dershowitz attended the trial to observe former federal prosecutor Robert Costello testify.

In a New York Post opinion column, Dershowitz criticized Judge Juan M. Merchan for his actions during the trial, mentioning how the judge excluded relevant evidence from the defense while allowing irrelevant evidence from the prosecution to be included.

Dershowitz described a moment when Judge Merchan cleared the courtroom of everyone, including the media, after witness Robert Costello raised his eyebrows at one of the judge’s rulings.

He expressed concern over the judge’s threat to strike all of Costello’s testimony if his eyebrows were raised again, calling it unconstitutional and a violation of the defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights.

Dershowitz also criticized the biased reporting of partisan journalists and emphasized the importance of live televised coverage of trials for transparency and fairness.

He concluded by quoting Justice Louis Brandeis, stating that “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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