Dershowitz Tells Newsmax: Granting Blanket Immunity ‘Conveys a Powerful Message’

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Constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz believes that the blanket immunity clause in Hunter Biden’s diversion agreement speaks volumes. Dershowitz argues that the prosecutors would not give away immunity for nothing, as they typically use it as a weapon to twist arms or scare defendants into making deals. In this case, Dershowitz notes that there was an open-and-shut case against Hunter Biden on the charges of guns and taxes, and therefore no need for prosecutors to offer immunity. Additionally, Dershowitz suggests that the agreement fell apart in court because the defense lawyers publicly bragged about the immunity, causing the Justice Department to realize that their investigation was not yet complete. Dershowitz suggests that the judge should call Attorney General Merrick Garland and U.S. Attorney David Weiss in front of her to determine the extent of Weiss’s authority to investigate outside of Delaware, as there are conflicting statements on the matter. Overall, Dershowitz believes that the immunity granted to Hunter Biden sends a message that the prosecutors do not want him to testify or implicate other individuals.

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