DeSantis Super PAC Withdraws $2.5M in TV Ads in Iowa and New Hampshire

The main super PAC backing Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis canceled its remaining TV ad inventory in Iowa and New Hampshire, saying Friday that it’s changing course to focus on the presidential candidate’s field operation.

Ad tracking firm AdImpact said the cancellations by Never Back Down total $2.5 million.

Two other groups supporting DeSantis — including one formed this week — are taking over the TV advertising, weeks away from the Iowa caucuses.

“Never Back Down is laser focused on its core mission — running the most advanced grassroots and political caucus operation in this race and helping deliver the GOP nomination for Governor DeSantis who will deliver America from the disastrous policies of the Left.

“We are thrilled to have Fight Right and others covering the air for Governor DeSantis while we work the ground game in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and beyond,” Never Back Down Chair Scott Wagner said in a statement released Friday.

The decision is the latest sign of turmoil within Never Back Down, beset by several departures of top officials within the past several weeks.

The TV ads behind DeSantis will now be run by super PACs Fight Right and Good Fight, which formed Wednesday. Good Fight, which has booked $300,000 of airtime in Iowa, according to AdImpact, was formed to run positive spots, NBC News reported.

Good Fight is preparing to revive and run an old Casey DeSantis ad of her experience battling breast cancer, according to The New York Times. Casey DeSantis is the wife of Ron DeSantis.

“Good Fight is a new super PAC, funded by donors who feel strongly about the Governor and First Lady’s message — that he’s a fighter, has strong conservative principles, sterling integrity, and effective leadership,” a source told The Hill. “They wanted to back an ad that might look familiar to Floridians, as it’s similar to the ‘Who is Ron DeSantis’ ad from the Governor’s reelect.”

The Hill reports Good Fight has placed a $1.3 million reservation for an ad to run on broadcast and cable just before the caucuses.

Meanwhile, a Fight Right spokesperson said its group will spend more than $2.5 million on Iowa ads alone ahead of the caucuses. Fight Right has spent $6 million so far, overtaking Never Back Down in spending after Thanksgiving, according to NBC News.

The 11th hour DeSantis scramble comes as the governor is at 11.9% of support in the GOP primary, behind front-runner Donald Trump and just ahead of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, holding at 10.8%, according to’s polling average.

In Iowa, DeSantis has 18.4% support, Trump has 50%.

In New Hampshire, DeSantis is fourth at 7.6%, 3.5 points behind former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Haley is running at 25.8% in New Hampshire versus Trump’s 44.1%.

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