Dr. Drew Warns of Possible Signs of Parkinson’s Disease in Biden on Newsmax

Famed television personality Dr. Drew Pinsky told Newsmax on Monday that President Joe Biden shows signs of the neurodegenerative disease Parkinson’s.

“I don’t treat him. I don’t know him. I’ve not actually even met him,” Pinsky told “Prime News.” “But there are things that doctors can look at, like rashes or gait or certain features of mental status, and how people express themselves that tell us the whole, or at least a big part of the story. And what you can see with poor President Biden is that slow movement, the festinating gait, the mask-like facies those are all Parkinsonian features.”

“I have discussed that with many other physicians,” Pinsky continued. “They immediately confirm that they’ve seen that.”

“Now, does he have Parkinson’s disease? I don’t think so. But that Parkinsonian quality is part of neurological deterioration with age, even without Parkinson’s disease per se. If you remember, when he was cleared by his physician, they also said, under their breath, ‘That he was cleared by his neurologist.'”

“So why does he have a neurologist? Well, he must have a neurological disorder; otherwise, he wouldn’t be seeing a neurologist. Just looking at the gait and the slow motor activity, you could surmise that’s probably why he’s seeing the neurologist.”


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