Fleitz predicts growing US-Israel tension in response to Biden’s position, Newsmax reports

There will likely be increased tension between the United States and the Israeli government with the Biden administration’s push for Israel to end its war with Hamas quickly, Fred Fleitz, a senior fellow with the America First Policy Institute, told Newsmax Sunday. 

“I think there’s going to be an aggressive campaign by the Israeli military, but there’s going to be growing blowback from the Biden administration,” Fleitz said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.” “Joe Biden sent his Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel last week to tell them that they have to wrap the war up in weeks [because] there may be conditions on U.S. military aid.”

Blinken was sent “because this war is so incredibly unpopular with Biden’s progressive base and it is really hurting his reelection chances.”

But the Israeli government won’t listen to the United States, and its campaign to eliminate Hamas will continue, leading to the growing tension between the two allies, said Fleitz.

Foreign policy expert Michael Szanto, also on Sunday’s program, pointed out that Hamas “brazenly broke” last week’s cease-fire. 

“They didn’t wait until it ended,” he said. “They attacked first, and they murdered a pregnant woman…this is a terrorist organization that took credit while the cease-fire was still in effect for murdering three civilians on the streets of Jerusalem.” 

Meanwhile, a New York Times report says that Israeli officials found the Hamas battle plan for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack more than a year before it happened, and Fleitz said he finds the Times’ timing “suspicious.”

“The New York Times, which is linked to the Biden administration, suddenly runs this report just as Israel is resuming its assault on Hamas in southern Gaza,” said Fleitz. I “think it’s very suspicious, and I think there will be political consequences in Israel for this intelligence failure, but I’m a little worried that the Biden administration may be responsible for this leak.”

Szanto, however, disagreed. 

“It appears to be somebody who has access from Israeli intelligence,” he said. “I mean, I suppose I mean it’s not impossible, but I would see this as people and Israeli intelligence, security services, and military feeling that the government messed up and they’re upset about it.”

He pointed out that there is a great deal of disappointment in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his administration in Israel. 

But Hamas was wrong to think the division would weaken Israel’s response to an attack. 

“Every time you have a surprise attack like this, it turns out that warnings were messed up,” he said. 


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