Fong, Supported by Trump, Secures Victory in Special Election for Speaker McCarthy’s Former Seat

Vince Fong, a California State Assembly member supported by former President Donald Trump, emerged victorious in a special election held on Tuesday to complete the remainder of the term of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., which extends through January.

A protege of McCarthy with the former speaker’s endorsement, Fong defeated his fellow Republican and Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux in the 20th Congressional District, situated in the Central Valley farm belt of the state.

Given Trump’s involvement, this election will be closely monitored as a potential indicator of the former president’s influence as he progresses towards an anticipated match against President Joe Biden in November.

“With the campaign concluded, the real work now begins,” Fong stated, highlighting his focus on border security, support for small businesses, and investment in crucial water storage for the region’s agriculture.

The timing of Fong’s swearing-in is yet to be determined, pending a decision from current House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The voter turnout for this extraordinary May election appeared to be light, with mail-in voting commencing last month.

In February, Trump formally endorsed Fong, praising him as “a true Republican.” Boudreaux received support from figures like Richard Grenell, a former acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, and Republican state Sen. Shannon Grove of Bakersfield, Fong’s hometown.

With the district previously represented by McCarthy remaining Republican-controlled, the GOP will secure 12 out of 52 U.S. House seats in California, bolstering the party’s slim majority in Congress by one vote.

As of now, there are 217 Republicans, 213 Democrats, and five vacancies in the House, including McCarthy’s previously held seat.

This special election only pertains to the duration remaining in McCarthy’s term. Fong and Boudreaux will face off again in November for a full two-year term, with the winner of the special election enjoying the advantage of incumbency.

In a statement, Boudreaux congratulated Fong on his victory and expressed gratitude to volunteers and donors, signaling his readiness for November’s contest.

The two conservative Republicans and Trump supporters share similar policy stances, focusing on issues like border security and law enforcement. Fong emphasized addressing border chaos and water and energy needs in the farm belt.

Fong, a former aide to McCarthy, had a significant lead going into the race, securing 42% of the vote in the March primary and outraising Boudreaux by a considerable margin in campaign funds.

McCarthy’s exit from the House prompted a competitive race to succeed him, with Fong benefiting from support both from Trump and a political action committee associated with McCarthy, which directed over $700,000 into the 20th District race.

McCarthy stepped down last year following his removal as speaker.

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