Former Aides of Pence Engage in Heated Exchange Regarding Trump’s Endorsement

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Former Chief of Staff to Mike Pence, Marc Short, has responded to criticism from retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg on CNN’s “The Situation Room.” Kellogg recently endorsed Donald Trump for president and criticized Pence for lacking assertiveness and relying on failed consultants like Short. In response, Short pointed out that Kellogg had nominated Pence for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, implying that his comments were inconsistent. He also harshly criticized Kellogg for his actions during the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, accusing him of not staying at his post and instead encouraging people to march on the Capitol. Short read an email he received from Kellogg on that day, in which Kellogg allegedly said, “I recommend you stay on the Hill and finish the Electoral College issue tonight.” Short highlighted that Kellogg was supporting Pence’s actions at the time and speculated that Kellogg’s current support for Trump may be influencing his comments. Kellogg defended his actions on January 6, stating that he was following protocol by standing his post. He also defended his nomination of Pence for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, claiming that he was trying to bring both sides together, unlike Short who he accused of failing Pence. Kellogg currently works for the America First Policy Institute, a pro-Trump nonprofit.

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