Good tells Newsmax: Biden Administration’s weakness leads to reduced military strength

In a Saturday interview with Newsmax, Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., expressed deep concerns about the Biden administration’s handling of national security, tying perceived weaknesses to a decline in military strength and the rise in global threats.

Responding to questions about Houthi attacks, on “Saturday Report,” Good drew a sharp contrast to the Trump era, asserting, “President [Donald] Trump had the maximum pressure campaign against Iran, and Iran was submissive to the United States on the world stage.” He criticized the current administration’s approach, stating, “This president repeats what he did as vice president with Obama, giving billions to Iran, thereby empowering them through our weakness.”

“Iran doesn’t fear us,” he said.

Reflecting on the past, Good highlighted the strength of the military during the Trump presidency. “We want what we had under President Trump — the strongest, toughest military in the world,” he emphasized. The congressman criticized President Joe Biden’s apparent shift in focus, citing concerns about the military’s attention being directed towards “climate war” and “diversity.” He expressed worries about declining recruitment and questioned the nation’s preparedness to face global challenges.

“Recruitment is down,” he declared.

Turning to the influence of former President Barack Obama on Biden’s foreign policy, Good acknowledged Biden’s “complicity” with policies from the Obama era, noting that “President Obama himself didn’t support Biden when he first ran for president,” Good said, quoting Obama, “‘Never underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to screw things up.'”

Good cast doubt on Biden’s leadership capabilities, stating, “It’s obviously hard to have confidence that he is fully in control and fully capable of leading this administration.” Good pointed to instances of Biden’s reported “dissipation” and “confusion,” raising questions about who holds sway over decision-making behind the scenes.

“Certainly, the Obama influence is there, but nobody really knows, at least on our side [Republican] anyway. Who’s running things behind the scenes?”

Good underscored the urgency of addressing challenges promptly, stating, “It’s sad that we’re in a position where we had to respond because of the weakness of this president,” referring to the recent attack of Syria and Iraq.

He painted a worrisome picture of the current state of affairs, characterizing the times as “very dangerous” for the nation and the world.


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