Hakes and Town Accuse Newsmax of Deliberately Concealing Immunity Clause

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Former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes and former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama Jay Town have raised concerns about the hidden immunity clause in Hunter Biden’s diversion agreement. The clause was supposedly concealed in paragraph 15 of the document, which the judge received shortly before the hearing. Hakes pointed out that she had never seen a plea hearing conducted in this manner before. The immunity clause promised not to prosecute Hunter Biden for any potentially criminal conduct mentioned in the plea agreement’s factual statement, covering a period of about five years. However, the prosecution continued to claim that they were still investigating. According to Town, the immunity clause was intentionally hidden by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware in a diversion agreement that is typically not made public. The plea deal began to unravel when Hunter Biden mentioned the promise of immunity during the allocution phase. The judge played a key role in highlighting and addressing this issue. It is suggested that the comprehensive statement of fact in the plea agreement was intentionally made lengthy to encompass all potentially immune behavior, given the prosecution’s knowledge of the contents of the diversion agreement.

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