House Impeachment Probe Centers on Hunter’s Decades of Personal Suffering and Public Mistakes

When Joe Biden announced in the fall of 2015 that he would not run for president, Hunter Biden was at a turning point in his own life. The Biden family was still mourning the loss of Beau Biden, and Donald Trump was beginning his presidential campaign.

As Joe Biden prepared to leave public office, Hunter was dealing with personal challenges, including addiction and grief. Despite these struggles, he expressed a sense of purpose after his brother’s funeral.

However, Hunter’s battle with addiction continued, leading to a relapse around Christmas. Meanwhile, the Biden family was navigating a new chapter as the political landscape shifted with Trump’s election in 2016.

The House’s impeachment inquiry into the Bidens focuses on this tumultuous period in their lives, examining allegations of influence peddling and misconduct in Hunter’s business dealings.

Hunter Biden is scheduled for a private deposition with the House committees, where he plans to address the accusations against him. The inquiry, which has struggled to find direct evidence of wrongdoing by the president, is at a critical juncture.

This account of Hunter Biden’s life during this time is based on public sources, including congressional transcripts and his memoir, which details his struggles with addiction and the challenges faced by his family.

The investigation has shifted focus from Hunter’s time at Burisma to other aspects of his business career, including potential links to his father. Witnesses have provided testimony suggesting that the Bidens were leveraging their family name for financial gain.

The impeachment inquiry continues amidst the backdrop of the upcoming 2024 presidential election, in which Biden and Trump are expected to face off again. The threat of foreign interference, particularly from Russia, looms over the political process.

While Trump has called for Biden’s impeachment, the House GOP leadership has yet to make a decision. The Oversight Committee is committed to following the facts and considering potential reform of federal ethics laws.

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