Huckabee warns Newsmax viewers that it is “masochistic” for young people to vote for Biden

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee expressed to Newsmax that young individuals would find it difficult to support another term of President Joe Biden’s policies.

“I believe Biden faces a significant issue with young people because they are experiencing the economic impact of his decisions,” Huckabee shared on “Wake Up America.” “They are struggling to purchase homes and cars, facing skyrocketing rent prices, a rise in fuel costs, and being pushed towards buying expensive electric vehicles that they cannot afford and have trouble charging.

“They are questioning why they should support this administration. Biden has failed to control the border, leading to fearful citizens and a lack of security in their daily lives. It’s challenging for a young person to desire another four years of this presidency. It would take a masochist to want to endure this again.”

On another note, Democratic strategist James Carville recently expressed concern about the diminishing support from young voters for the Democrats, suggesting that they are leaving the party in large numbers.

Huckabee commented, “Carville should focus on the policies rather than just the politics and recognize that he is associated with a leader who has led the country down a problematic path.”

Huckabee also discussed the potential threat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. poses to Biden’s reelection bid, suggesting that the independent candidate could attract disillusioned younger voters away from Biden.

“Kennedy may not align with the Democratic Party, but he is knowledgeable and well-researched,” Huckabee stated. “Even if you don’t agree with all his views, his intellectual rigor is admirable.”


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