Hunter Biden’s long-awaited deposition set for Wednesday

The highly anticipated Hunter Biden deposition is set to take place in private on Wednesday after months of him refusing to cooperate with House investigators.

This comes as the House Oversight and Judicial Committees continue to gather information as part of the House impeachment investigation into his father, President Joe Biden.

Biden has agreed to be interviewed under oath only after defying a congressional subpoena and facing potential contempt of Congress charges. He expressed concerns about testifying privately, fearing that House Republicans might selectively report his testimony, as reported by The Washington Examiner.

The interview will be different from that of Hunter’s uncle, James Biden, as it will not be filmed. Sources familiar with the process also mentioned that the transcript will be released quickly to the public, according to CNN.

His testimony is expected to be the most significant in the impeachment inquiry so far, focusing on his foreign business dealings and the extent of his father’s involvement or knowledge of them.

Biden’s deposition follows the indictment of former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov by the Justice Department. Smirnov’s allegations about Joe Biden last fall were one of the reasons for opening the impeachment inquiry into the president.

Smirnov alleged that Ukrainian entities paid millions in bribes to Joe and Hunter Biden, but he has since been charged with fabricating part of his story, potentially impacting the proceedings.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., stated that the committees have gathered enough evidence to proceed with the inquiry, even without Smirnov’s testimony.

In a statement to Newsmax, Comer said, “The House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees have uncovered evidence showing that Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ his family used to enrich themselves. Joe Biden was involved in and benefited from these schemes. Our committees will continue to gather facts to inform legislative reforms to federal ethics laws and to determine if impeachment articles are warranted.”

Hunter Biden’s testimony will be conducted in a private interview initially, but there are plans to move on to public hearings involving him and other witnesses, according to a House source.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden expressed his concerns in an interview with Axios about how a potential relapse in his sobriety could be exploited by former President Donald Trump, his father’s likely opponent in the upcoming general election.

Regarding his sobriety, Hunter Biden said, “You have to believe that you’re worth the work, or you’ll never be able to get sober. I often think about the consequences of failure here. Maybe it’s the ultimate test for a recovering addict.”

The president is reportedly concerned about his son, who is facing legal issues. Sources claim that Biden believes his son would not be facing charges if he had not run for re-election in 2024.

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