Hunter Paid Back Dad With China Funds: Comer tells Newsmax

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House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax on Monday that it doesn’t matter how the Biden family and the media want to spin the reason behind the monthly $1,380 that Hunter Biden paid Joe Biden in 2018 — what matters is where the $4,140, in all, came from.

Hunter Biden paid back his dad, now the president of the United States, from the account of a shell company called Owasco PC, with monies from China that were derived from an influence-peddling scheme, Comer showed earlier in the day.

The fact that it was called a loan for a truck is the bright shiny object used to distract the Biden family apologists and feeble-minded media, Comer said on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

“Look, if he wanted to send this money to his son for a truck, then send the money for a truck,” Comer told Schmitt. “But he got paid back from China. So it doesn’t matter whether all this money we’re showing that’s going into Joe Biden’s back pocket was a loan or not, which it wasn’t. He got paid back from the influence-peddling scheme.”

Comer released subpoenaed bank records earlier Monday showing the three monthly installments of $1,380 from September to November 2018. And those payments did not come from Hunter Biden’s personal account. They came from the Owasco PC account, subject of a Department of Justice investigation into Hunter Biden for tax evasion and other crimes.

“We’ve now proven a quarter of a million dollars that Joe Biden received directly from his family’s influence-peddling scheme,” Comer told Schmitt. “You can loan people money. … But because (Joe Biden) was paid back, and we traced the cash, Rob, it came directly from the influence-peddling schemes.

“So this is what the media dared us for months and months, months — proof, they said. ‘You have to prove where Joe Biden directly benefited from his family’s influence-peddling scheme.’ Here it is,” Comer added.

Hunter Biden’s legal counsel Abbe Lowell released a statement Monday saying Joe Biden helped out Hunter Biden “when he was struggling financially,” and Hunter paid him back “when he was able to.”

Not the point, Comer said.

“‘(Joe Biden) wanted to help his son out. His son was in a financial pickle,’ even though that particular month (Hunter) received about $400,000 in wires from all over the world,” Comer mused. “But just for the story’s sake, he needed help. So he helped his son. Well, then he got paid back from China.

“When my son needs help or my daughter who’s in college, I just give her money. Nobody ever pays me back. But in each instance, he got paid back from the influence-peddling scheme.”


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