Iowa Rep. Harris Tells Newsmax: Cold Weather Won’t Stop Haley Voters

Iowa’s Monday night caucuses will take place during record sub-zero temperatures and after a weekend blizzard, but state Rep. Austin Harris, a surrogate in the state campaigning for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, said Sunday on Newsmax that he doesn’t expect the weather to deter voters. 

“I really don’t think the weather is going to have much of an effect on the results tomorrow night,” the Iowa Republican told Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.” “Iowans are tough. We’re used to this kind of thing. There’s a lot of snow on the ground, but we’re not snowflakes so we can do this. People just need to bundle up and go out.”

Meanwhile, Harris said the campaign is feeling good about its chances, particularly after Haley late Saturday overtook Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a Des Moines Register/NBC News poll, which gave former President Donald Trump 48%; Haley, 20%; and DeSantis, 16%. 

“You’ll see that our momentum on the ground here in Iowa is surging,” Harris said. “We feel very good about where we’re heading into caucus night tomorrow night, and we just hope to have a strong showing.”

Haley’s campaign is surging, he added, because she is offering a “different vision, not only for the party but for the country as well.”

“She’s campaigning on leaving the drama and chaos behind and getting results done,” said Harris, noting that her way of being honest with voters is resonating. 

“We have felt that on the ground for quite some time now and it started to reflect that in the polls, not just in the Morning Register poll, but the Suffolk poll that had us up in second place as well,” said Harris. “Tomorrow is going to be about having a strong showing and going into New Hampshire with momentum.”

Meanwhile, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dropped out of the GOP race last week, Harris acknowledged that Haley’s campaign would like to have his voters. 

“Elections are about building coalitions, and we want to attract everybody, whether they’re Republican, independent, or Democrat to join this campaign to help us defeat Joe Biden in 2024,” he said.

Christie was caught on a hot mic last week after he dropped out of the race saying that Haley will “get smoked” in the race for the GOP nomination, and Harris said in response that it’s “never fun to be on the losing side or not being able to make it to the election itself.”

However, the focus must be on who has the best chance of defeating Biden, and “poll after poll shows that not only does [Haley] beat Joe Biden, but she beats him in a landslide. We need to have a general election candidate for the Republican Party that’s going to be able to win this general election but also deliver a mandate and bring in a Republican House Republican Senate with her.”


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