Jason Miller Expresses Concern over FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago on Newsmax

Jason Miller, a senior advisor to former President Donald Trump, expressed his concerns to Newsmax on Wednesday regarding reports that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force during their raid on Mar-a-Lago in 2022.

Unsealed court documents on Tuesday revealed new details about the FBI’s search, sparking outrage among many Republicans. Trump himself criticized the revelations on Truth Social.

“This is a real cause for concern,” Miller said in an interview on “Newsline.” “Mar-a-Lago is heavily guarded by Secret Service and Palm Beach County Sheriffs. It is a very secure location.”

Miller pointed out that with so many law enforcement officers present at Mar-a-Lago, the raid could have escalated dangerously.

“The situation could have turned very violent with serious consequences,” Miller stated. “There could have been a potential firefight or other dangerous outcomes.”

Miller expected the FBI to exercise caution given the presence of Secret Service agents.

“This was a reckless and dangerous move,” Miller emphasized.

If Trump is re-elected, Miller vowed to remove individuals who politicize law enforcement.

“Regarding the FBI raid and the use of deadly force, who authorized that? Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s right-hand man and head of the Department of Justice. This is all politically motivated and it starts at the top. President Trump will address this issue if re-elected. We cannot allow election interference and games to continue,” Miller stated.

The FBI issued a statement on Tuesday affirming that the agency followed standard protocol during the Mar-a-Lago search, including a policy statement limiting the use of deadly force. The statement clarified that no additional steps were ordered and there was no deviation from normal procedures.


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