JFK’s Grandson Ridicules RFK Jr. in Collection of Videos

In an effort to discourage voters from supporting Robert F. Kennedy in the upcoming presidential election, his cousin Jack Schlossberg has been parodying him by impersonating voters from various regions in a series of videos shared on Instagram.

The videos highlight the political rifts within the Kennedy family that have surfaced during this campaign, as reported by The Hill on Wednesday.

Schlossberg, the grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, has criticized his cousin, calling him “a p***k” and asserting that voting for him would be futile, as Robert F. Kennedy supports former President Donald Trump.

In one of the impersonations, Schlossberg specifically attacked Kennedy for being an independent third-party candidate who has a long history with Trump.

Schlossberg then emphasized what he perceived as positive advancements in the economy, climate action, and civil rights under the Biden administration, urging his followers to vote for the sake of democracy and civil rights.

In each impersonation of different characters, Schlossberg addressed various issues concerning voters in this election.

Schlossberg, who is 31 and the son of Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Australia, has been against his cousin’s presidential campaign from the start, according to The Hill.

Last year, Schlossberg endorsed Biden’s reelection bid and praised him for being “the greatest progressive president we’ve ever had.”

Schlossberg also criticized the independent presidential candidate for leveraging the Kennedy family name, labeling his candidacy as “an embarrassment” and asserting that the crucial issues in this election should not be overshadowed.

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