Kari Lake to Newsmax: Carlson Must Speak Out Now

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Tucker Carlson has not commented publicly yet on his abrupt departure from Fox News, and former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake said there might be a contractual reason for him to stay silent.

But Lake told Newsmax on Tuesday night that Carlson needs to speak out now, and that she would help create a legal defense fund should Fox act against him.

“I don’t know what Tucker’s deal is, but I worry that he might still be under contract and they’re literally going to be paying him $10 [million], $20 [million], $30 million a year to just sit there and be quiet,” Lake told “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “We can’t afford to have Tucker Carlson’s voice silenced for a year and a half.

“I don’t know if Tucker’s listening to this, but if he happens to hear it, I beg you, Tucker Carlson to speak out. Break the terms of that contract. We need your voice over the next year and a half [before the 2024 elections] to save our country. And if you are sued by your former employer, we will help create a defense fund to help you fight that lawsuit.”

Lake said Fox’s decision to fire Carlson, who had the highest-rated show in cable news, proves the network has become the arm of establishment Republicans and that it couldn’t afford to have someone such as Carlson who promoted America-first values.

“It’s obvious right now that Fox News has become the establishment GOP, which is really the uniparty Republicans,” Lake said. “They’re the ones who are really in bed with the left. It’s the Democrats and the Republicans and the uniparty who are pushing a globalist agenda, and they can’t afford to have hosts who are pushing Americanism, who are America-first and love this country.

“They can’t afford to have a Tucker Carlson speaking out over the next year and a half because it will ruin their push towards globalism.”

Lake gave advice to other hosts at Fox: Don’t be used by a network that no longer embraces conservative values.

“What I say to every host that is left on Fox News, which is the establishment news channel: Do not let them use your voice, your reputation, your heart and your soul to push propaganda about establishment politics that are going to destroy our country,” Lake said. “Step away. Don’t let those golden handcuffs handcuff you to an agenda and narrative and propaganda that you don’t support.

“This is your time to stand up with a year and a half to save our country.”


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