Karoline Leavitt tells Newsmax: ‘Biden is a Genuine Threat to Democracy’

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Karoline Leavitt, national press secretary for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, expressed to Newsmax on Tuesday that the most significant threat to American democracy is currently at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and will do anything to secure four more years there.

One way is by orchestrating four criminal trials against his opponent in the upcoming election, she explained.

Leavitt appeared on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” to discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s statement earlier that day regarding Biden posing a larger threat to democracy than Trump. Leavitt agreed with RFK Jr., albeit for different reasons.

“Whenever the Democrats accuse President Trump of something, it often applies to themselves. This is evident when they claim that President Trump threatens democracy,” Leavitt imparted to Schmitt. “In reality, Joe Biden is the true threat to democracy.

“All these baseless trials, lawsuits, and cases against the former president are driven by Joe Biden and the Democrats in an attempt to keep him in power and strip President Trump of his rights and wealth,” she continued.

Leavitt then criticized the upcoming hush money trial in New York City, overseen by Judge Juan Merchan, who supports anti-conservative and Democratic causes, including Biden.

“This trial starting soon in New York is nothing more than a media spectacle in the city that never sleeps,” Leavitt remarked. “Judge Merchan has clear conflicts of interest, having financially supported Joe Biden and organizations opposing Republicans. How can he impartially oversee a case against a candidate he endorsed?

“Unfortunately, this is the Democrats’ flawed political strategy to push Biden to victory, but they have underestimated President Trump. He will not be deterred.

“President Trump will continue his campaign, rallying support in Michigan and Wisconsin today, surrounded by enthusiastic supporters who see through the political smokescreens and are eager to restore this country to greatness,” Leavitt declared.


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