Mayra Flores Warns: ‘Border Terrorism Poses a Serious Threat’

“Every American should be scared” that terrorists are crossing the U.S. southern border, Texas congressional candidate Mayra Flores said on Newsmax Thursday. Flores was responding to FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony that the agency has ramped up all of its terrorism task forces because of concern about gotaways flowing into the country. 

“I wish they would have done this a couple of years back because we know that’s been happening here in South Texas,” the Republican candidate said on Newsmax’s “Newsline.” “Hamas is a terrorist organization that is not only a threat to Israel. It’s a threat to the United States and needs to be eradicated.”

But, she added, “they’re coming here because we have an open border. Everyone is practically allowed to come here to the United States as long as they claim asylum and take advantage of that. They’re here planning an attack. You would think that the U. S government would have learned something after 9/11.”

Wray, testifying Wednesday to the House Homeland Security Committee, said the number of gotaways at the border is a “great concern” for the agency, Fox News reported. 

And when asked if the FBI could guarantee that suspected terrorists, including from Hamas, are not among the migrants escaping custody, Wray said the agency is “aggressively using all 56 of our joint terrorism task forces” as a result.

However, the government didn’t learn anything after the 9/11 attacks, Flores said, adding that she thinks “we’re less safe than we were back on 9/11. That scares me, not only for my family but for the entire country.”

The people who died on 9/11 also “had no idea what was going to happen,” she said. ”My advice to the American people is to stay alert,” said Flores. “If you see something, say something. We’re always on our phones and very distracted; it’s time that we put our phones down and are aware of our surroundings.”

She also called for President Joe Biden to be voted out because “we’re not safe” under his administration. 

Meanwhile, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb, a Republican seeking a U.S. Senate seat for Arizona, said he’s glad the FBI is “finally starting to do something.”

“This has been a problem for a long time,” he said. “We’ve already let the devil in the back door. They’re continuing to come because these open border policies continue to exist. They have failed to secure our border, and now they’re putting American lives at risk.”

The Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel “was a stark and sobering reminder. This could happen to us any day,” Lamb added. 

However, Lamb said he does not know how the FBI will be able to comb through the number of people who are entering the United States illegally. 

“There’s no way because they’ve been too busy focused on the American people over the last couple of years,” he said.

Lamb said to protect themselves, Americans “need to vote these people out” but also, the border crisis must be solved. 

“We’ve got to secure our southern border and go back to the Trump-era policies,” said Lamb. “And you talk about gotways, Tucson sector always leads the way [with] almost 600,000 last year. The numbers are staggering … it’s probably more like 1.2 million and frankly, that is where you’re going to find a lot of these terrorist cells coming in. The cartels are bringing them in undetected.”


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