Monmouth Poll: Interest in Biden-Trump Rematch on the Rise

Excitement for a potential rematch between Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in the upcoming general election has risen by 12 points, but a majority of voters, 60%, are still not enthusiastic about the options for president, as per a recent Monmouth poll released on Monday.

The 39% of voters who expressed some level of enthusiasm for a Biden-Trump II match-up saw a 12-point increase from the previous survey conducted in December. However, while 63% of Republicans are excited for the rematch, Democrats (36%) and independents (27%) do not share the same level of enthusiasm, according to the poll.

“Enthusiasm for a 2020 rematch has slightly increased now that these two candidates are the presumptive nominees. But most voters are not eagerly anticipating November,” stated Patrick Murray, Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, in his analysis.

Among the group dubbed as “double-haters” – those with unfavorable opinions of both Trump and Biden – 78% expressed no enthusiasm at all for the potential rematch. This group makes up 17% of those surveyed, with 25% falling under the age of 35, as revealed by the poll.

Overall, 44% of the surveyed individuals indicated that they would definitely or probably vote for Trump, while 43% said the same for Biden in a head-to-head competition. Meanwhile, 18% mentioned that they would definitely or probably vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a three-point decrease from December, in a three-way race. Even in this scenario, Trump still maintains a one-point lead over Biden, with 38% to 37%.

“Support for Kennedy is not particularly strong, even among voters who have unfavorable views of both Biden and Trump. If he cannot secure a clear victory with these voters, it is unclear what role he can play in this election besides being a potential spoiler,” Murray highlighted. “The poll results suggest that the Kennedy factor has minimal impact. If the current situation remains unchanged, he would only influence a close contest. Everything seems to be aligning for this election to be just that.”

The Monmouth University Polling Institute surveyed 808 adults from April 18-22. The poll holds a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percentage points.

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