Napolitano tells Newsmax: Removal of Willis and Wade is imminent

Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano told Newsmax on Friday that he believes the judge presiding over the election interference case against former President Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia, will likely rule against District Attorney Fani Willis remaining on the case.

“I anticipate that the judge will remove Ms. Willis and Mr. [prosecutor Nathan] Wade from the case due to their lack of transparency about their relationship,” Napolitano shared during an appearance on “Wake Up America.” “Lawyers typically do not disclose their personal relationships in court, particularly prosecutors, but her lapse in judgment has put her in this predicament. The best course of action for her— and I am speaking directly to her—is to recuse herself from the case. That would be the best decision she could make.”

Willis and Wade have acknowledged an inappropriate romantic relationship, and legal teams representing Trump and his co-defendants have pushed for their disqualification from the case, citing a conflict of interest.

However, Napolitano indicated that he does not believe much will change for the former president and others involved in the case, regardless of the outcome with Willis and Wade.

“Will this impact the prosecution against the former president and others?” he asked. “I doubt it. She has another team prepared to step in and proceed. They are poised to move forward with the trial in October, amidst the peak of the presidential campaign.”

When questioned about whether Judge Scott McAfee may be influenced by his reelection campaign when making his ruling, Napolitano remarked, “I hope not.”

“In my opinion, it is a flaw in the judicial system when judges and prosecutors are elected,” he stated. “Judges should be appointed for life terms, as I was, so they are not swayed by public opinion regarding their rulings. The judiciary is not supposed to be populist. Its primary concern should be adherence to the Constitution, laws, and facts as presented. I cannot pass judgment on this judge, but I trust and anticipate that he will make the right decision without regard for his political future.”

Reflecting on McAfee’s demeanor during the intense, lengthy testimony of Willis and Wade in the recent evidentiary hearing, Napolitano suggested that the judge may have been uncomfortable with the presence of cameras in the courtroom.

“I believe he may have been uneasy listening to testimony about personal, intimate relationships and may have also been uncomfortable with being televised,” he observed. “He will need to get accustomed to it, as there will be more cases.”


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