Nearly 20 Million Illegals to be Deported under Trump Plan

Former President Donald Trump has promised to execute the “largest mass deportation effort” in American history if he is elected in November.

“For an operation of that scale,” Time Magazine reported following an interview with the 45th president, “Trump says he would mostly rely on the National Guard to gather and remove undocumented migrants in the country. ‘If they weren’t able to, then I’d use [other parts of] the military,’ he says. When questioned about overriding the Posse Comitatus Act — a law from 1878 that prohibits the use of military force on civilians — Trump appeared unconcerned about the statute.”

According to the New York Post, the Trump campaign has not provided specifics on the resources that would be utilized to detain and deport the “nearly 20 million” illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials informed the Post that carrying out such a massive operation would likely require involvement from the State Department and funding from Congress.

In terms of the Trump campaign’s assertion of 20 million illegal residents in the U.S., Eric Ruark, director of research at NumbersUSA, mentioned to the Post that the “estimate” is not far off.

“There’s likely between 15 [million] and 20 million, considering the influx of people we’ve seen coming over,” Ruark stated, in comparison to the official estimate of 11 million from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Tom Homan, the former acting director of ICE under Trump, mentioned that the agency has effective systems in place to identify individuals. However, he expressed concerns about the availability of resources for deportation.

“A lot of that will depend on Congress … We require officers, detention beds, transportation contracts … as there would be more flights leaving the country and more bus transports to the border,” Homan explained. “Our focus would still be on criminals and national security threats first; they pose the greatest danger to the nation. But no one would be exempt. If you are in this country illegally, … then you will be removed.”

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