Networking Etiquette: How to Mingle for Success

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Build mutually beneficial relationships with friends, neighbors, co-workers, club members, students in your classes, and others you come into contact with on a regular basis. This can lead to job opportunities; finding a new car, pet, or apartment; or perhaps even meeting the love of your life.
Be Alert
Opportunities can pop up fleetingly before quickly disappearing, making it important to pay attention and ask questions when you hear something that may be exactly what you’re seeking.
As an example, while sometimes the people in your network may be aware that you’re looking for a new job and may alert you to submit an application, it’s more likely that most are oblivious to the fact yet might mention in passing that they work for or have a connection with the firm you want to join. In that case, politely let them know you’re interested in the company and ask for their advice on submitting a job application….

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