Nikki Haley Continues to Withhold Endorsement of Trump

According to the Associated Press, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is not expected to endorse former President Donald Trump in his bid for reelection anytime soon.

A meeting with 100 donors is scheduled for next week in Charleston, South Carolina, where Haley is not expected to ask for endorsements for Trump or any other candidates. The event is meant as a gesture of gratitude to her supporters, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Despite withdrawing from the presidential primary, Haley continues to receive significant support in the remaining Republican primaries. In the recent Indiana Republican primary, she secured 22% of the vote with over 128,000 votes.

Last month, in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary, she received over 157,000 votes, accounting for nearly 17% of the vote. Notably, Pennsylvania is a closed primary, restricting voter participation to Republicans only.

In Arizona, a swing state, Haley received 18% of the vote even after ending her campaign two weeks prior. She also garnered 14% in Florida and 13% in Georgia, both crucial battleground states.

Following Trump’s statement that Haley’s supporters will be “permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” President Joe Biden’s campaign has targeted Haley voters through advertisements.

Upon withdrawing from the race, Haley emphasized the need for Trump to earn the votes of her supporters, stating, “Our conservative cause badly needs more people.”

Recently, Haley announced her affiliation with the Hudson Institute, a conservative foreign policy think tank, after serving as Ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration.

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