OpenAI Refrains from Releasing Voice Cloning Due to Concerns About Misuse in Elections

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is venturing into the voice assistant industry and showcasing a new technology capable of replicating a person’s voice. However, the company has stated that it will not release this technology publicly yet due to safety concerns.

Recently, OpenAI revealed its Voice Engine technology shortly after filing for a trademark. They claim that with just 15 seconds of a person’s voice recording, they can recreate that person’s voice.

Despite plans to preview the technology with early testers, OpenAI will not widely release it at this time given the potential risks of misuse.

Acknowledging the serious risks involved in generating synthetic voices resembling real people, especially in an election year, OpenAI emphasized the need for caution and responsible deployment of such technology.

The company is engaging with various partners to gather feedback and make informed decisions regarding the deployment of this technology on a larger scale.

In another development, authorities in New Hampshire are investigating AI-generated robocalls impersonating President Joe Biden that were sent to voters just before the presidential primary.

While some companies already offer voice-cloning technology to the public or select business customers, OpenAI is taking a cautious approach with the Voice Engine, ensuring that testers do not impersonate others without consent.

OpenAI’s move into voice recognition and digital assistants, evident from a recent trademark application, could potentially lead to competition with products like Amazon’s Alexa in the future.

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