Poll Reveals Divided Electorate’s Pessimism Over US Future if Their Candidate Fails in 2024 Election

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A recent Rassmussen Reports poll reveals that a significant number of U.S. voters believe that the country is doomed if their preferred candidate loses the 2024 presidential election. The poll shows that 42% of respondents believe the country is doomed if former President Donald Trump does not reclaim office, while 40% feel the same way if President Joe Biden fails to be reelected. However, the majority of voters, 53%, do not share this pessimistic outlook.

Among those who believe in the potential doom, 26% and 25% respectively strongly agree with the idea that the nation is headed downhill if their candidate loses. The poll also indicates that 67% of Democrats think the country is doomed if Biden fails in his reelection bid, while 61% of Republicans hold the same view if Trump loses.

The poll was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research with 989 likely U.S. voters between July 23-25, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Another finding in the poll reveals that 24% of voters do not see such a dramatic outcome from the election.

Additionally, the RealClear Politics average of national polls shows Biden with a slight lead over Trump, with Biden at 45% and Trump at 44.1%. A Gallup report states that Biden currently has a 40.7% job approval rating in the 10th quarter of his presidency.

Furthermore, recent research suggests that social media algorithms may be contributing to the political divide in the country while having minimal impact on changing people’s beliefs. The study found that altering social media feeds to present users with additional information did not significantly impact their beliefs or self-reported political engagement.

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