Pornhub introduces new policy requiring ‘proof of consent and age’ following hundreds of lawsuits alleging child sex abuse on the site

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OAN’s Brooke Mallory

12:03 PM – Thursday, January 25, 2024
Following years of litigation alleging that the pornographic website financially benefits from material depicting minors and portraying sexual abuse, Pornhub will soon start confirming the age and consent of all individuals involved in the sex videos posted to its site.
The porn website and its parent business, Aylo, have been accused on many occasions of making money off of pornographic videos in which the subjects’ permission is unclear, and they have also been accused of neglecting to verify the ages of the people being filmed.
An email that 404 Media was able to obtain on Thursday states that Pornhub will now “require verification of the age and consent of every person” that appears in an uploaded video. The new regulation went into effect on Tuesday.

“On January 23, 2024, in addition to providing approved Co-Performer IDs, we will also require proof of consent, such as Signed Release Forms, when a new Co-Performer is added onto a Model account,” the email stated. 

The purpose of this, according to Pornhub, is “foster a safer platform for all community members who upload content and engage with it.”
However, Laila Mickelwait, the founder of Traffickinghub, claimed in a video that was uploaded on X (Twitter) on Tuesday that Pornhub is not deserving of any praise for simply updating its rules. She also mentioned that the loss of significant business partners and hundreds of lawsuits are the real reason for the change. 

Prosecutors maintained that Aylo only terminated its partnership with GirlsDoPorn in 2019 and deleted all of the problematic content in December 2020.
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