Qatar: Rep. Hoyer Criticizes Comments on Mediation as ‘Not Constructive’

Qatar is responding to Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., who accused the country of hindering a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, as reported by The Hill.

Recently, Hoyer, the former House majority leader, released a statement pointing fingers at Hamas for obstructing peace efforts and causing suffering to innocent Palestinian civilians.

Hoyer alleged that Qatar was being used by Hamas to gain more concessions from Israel, and urged the country to take action against Hamas to facilitate a temporary cease-fire and the release of hostages.

Responding to Hoyer’s remarks, the Qatar Embassy stated in a statement that they are simply mediators and do not control the actions of Hamas or Israel. They highlighted that the US had assigned them as mediators in 2012 due to the lack of communication between Israel and Hamas.

Qatar emphasized their successful mediation efforts in past crises, such as securing ceasefires and hostage releases in collaboration with the conflicting parties. They also mentioned hosting a significant number of US troops in the Middle East.

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