Rep. Bean Tells Newsmax that Impeaching Biden is a ‘Significant Decision’

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House Republicans are not yet ready to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, according to Rep. Aaron Bean from Florida. While there are allegations of Biden’s involvement in foreign bribery scandals, Bean acknowledged that Speaker Kevin McCarthy understands that now is not the time for impeachment. Bean described it as a “big decision” that would consume the House’s attention for months. House Republicans need to secure enough Senate votes to convict Biden and also convince more Americans of their case. They believe that going directly to the American people and presenting their evidence would be more effective, particularly since they believe that mainstream media outlets like CNN and MSNBC have not adequately covered the allegations against Biden. Bean emphasized that McCarthy should not be doubted, citing his ability to bring together diverse members of the House. He also dismissed the idea that the Department of Justice’s charges against former President Donald Trump were a distraction from Hunter Biden’s plea deal falling apart. Bean believes that the American people are getting tired of such distractions and that they are only increasing support for Trump.

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