Rep. Buck suggests Newsmax should think about invoking the 25th Amendment for Biden

Representative Ken Buck, R-Colo., expressed his view to Newsmax on Monday that impeaching President Joe Biden is not advisable. He suggested that the 25th Amendment might be a more appropriate way to address concerns about his ability to govern.

“I’m not in favor of impeachment because I don’t see a serious crime or wrongdoing,” Buck shared with “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” He added, “But I think it’s important to consider because Joe Biden has shown signs of decline. He struggles to walk up the stairs of Air Force One and appears disoriented at the White House.”

Buck believes that Biden no longer has the mental capability to lead effectively, and he believes that the 25th Amendment was created for situations like this.

“I think Vice President Kamala Harris should convene a Cabinet meeting and determine that he is unfit to serve,” Buck stated. “This is a more legitimate and Constitutional approach to potentially removing President Biden.”


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