Rep. Turner Raises Concerns Over Biden’s Misguided Approach to China

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Representative Mike Turner criticized the Biden administration for its “uncoordinated policy” in dealing with China’s threats, particularly in light of Hunter Biden’s admission that he received $600,000 from a Chinese energy company. Turner stated that these transactions are supported by bank records and Treasury documents. He also mentioned that House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has discovered over 100 suspicious transactions involving the Biden family, leading to questions about what China and other countries were purchasing. Turner emphasized that it is time for the United States to recognize China as an adversary and respond to its threats, including cyberattacks and espionage efforts. He argued that China has been given a pass for too long, painting itself as a developing nation exempt from emissions and financial standards. Additionally, Turner highlighted the need to hold China accountable for its actions with Russia, citing violations of Ukraine sanctions. On a different note, Turner dismissed recent testimony from UFO whistleblowers, stating that their knowledge was second-hand and lacking evidence. Nonetheless, he emphasized that the Biden administration treats China and potential extraterrestrial risks with the same level of concern, despite China being the more significant threat.

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