Rep. Van Drew Tells Newsmax that Investigation into Biden is Growing More Serious

House Republicans will continue to move toward impeaching President Joe Biden because the more that is learned, the more serious the situation has become, Rep. Jeff Van Drew told Newsmax on Wednesday.

“The more that we dig in, the more that we evaluate this, the more facts that come up, the more truth that comes out, [the more] we realize how serious an issue that this is,” the New Jersey Republican told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “This is about influence peddling.”

If Biden was a Republican and not a Democrat, Van Drew added, “He would have been gone already.”

Top House Republicans on Tuesday said the impeachment inquiry could wrap up by the end of this year with the deposition of Hunter Biden, after which a decision would be made about presenting formal articles of impeachment.

“We’re doing it the right way,” said Van Drew. “We did an inquiry before impeachment. That didn’t happen with Donald Trump. We are following the facts. We’re following the details and we’re seeking out the truth.”

And with the ongoing investigation, “we’re finding out from multiple sources, whether it be foreign countries or business corporations that are in trouble within the United States,” that money went from “Hunter Biden to James Biden,” said Van Drew.

He added that money was then transferred to shell corporations and “even directly to then-Vice President Joe Biden. These are serious, serious issues.”

The current situation is “much more” than what happened with the late President Richard Nixon, said Van Drew.

“To think that you’re going to influence foreign policy and the strength of the United States of America because money is going into your son’s account, going to your account, going into your brother’s account … we know there’s something is really wrong, and we’re going to keep digging in. We’re not just jumping into it,” he said.

However, Van Drew said the date for filing articles won’t be “immediately in January” and wouldn’t set a date about when that would happen.

“I sit on the Judiciary Committee,” he said. “The two committees that deal with this are Judiciary and Oversight. A lot of this is occurring in Oversight now, and [Chair] Jim Comer is doing a good job revealing everything that’s going on.”

Van Drew also on Wednesday discussed the ongoing talks about funding for Israel, as well as for Ukraine.

“Let’s be clear,” he said, adding that Biden wants to proceed by “jamming everything together into one big bill,” while he’s for funding Israel, “Ukraine is a different issue.”

“We’re not tracking the money carefully,” he said. “If we give them this $60 billion, plus billions of dollars more that this president wants to give them, they will have received just about as much money as Israel has received since 1942 within one year. Don’t put those two together. They’re different.”


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